In 2005, Annie's Attic obtained the space of about three thousand sq. feet,
located in the Evergreen Station Shopping Center on Shelbyville Road.
The Lord continued to bless Annie's, and we grew by leaps and bounds.
We needed more square footage, but there was no way we could expand
in the existing center as there was just no space available.  Quickly we realized
 we needed more space, so we opened a second location in the Middletown
Plaza, gaining an ADDITIONAL three thousand sq. ft. of space. We literally
had two locations just one block apart to help our space issue.  And once
again, the Lord kept blessing us and we kept growing!


After praying for long periods of time, both individually and as a family,
 God made it very clear that Annie's Attic needed to move yet again.
We prayed and prayed, looking to God for an answer of where our next home would be, and He soon
showed us that it was a much larger space.
As we looked into a space in the Eastgate Shopping Center,
we were anxious about the amount of space, even considering that
we'd never have enough merchandise to fill the space.  However, we trusted
The Lord and relocated, consolidating both of the previous locations to the Eastgate Shopping Center (also in Middletown), 
where we had a totalof fourteen thousand sq. feet.  We were thrilled with our blessing that
The Lord had given us! We were excited for how we could make
the space our very own, and the customers we could connect and grow with. 
It didn't take long for Annie's to completely fill the Eastgate Shopping Center space.
When we first got to Eastgate, we didn't know how we would fill the entire fourteen thousand sq. feet however
The Lord blessed us. Thankfully, Annie's Attic continued to grow and it was
clear that we would soon need more space, again! As we prayed for our
next steps with Annie's, we re-signed our lease at the Eastgate Shopping Center! 

However, God's plans were not our own... 

During the summer of 2015, Annie's received some unexpected news.  
To our surprise, there was some interest for our space in the shopping center
from a national chain store.  Even though we had lots of time left on our
lease, Annie's was put on alert that we would possibly have to leave our
Eastgate location as this national chain may assume our space
(which was legally allowed in our lease).
We prayed for God's hand to be in the situation and asked Him to guide our steps.  As the year progressed,
we hadn't heard any news one way or the other
about our location space.  
And then, the week of Christmas in 2015,
we received a letter explaining that we had until March 1, 2016 to
leave our home that we loved so much in the Eastgate Shopping Center.
We were absolutely devastated by the news,
and frantic about where our next home would be for Annie's.
When we first heard about the national chain, we didn't expect things
would turn out like this, especially since it had been months since
anything was said to us. When we got the news about the Eastgate
Shopping Center, we were also offered a new space for us to call home. 
However, this new space was in a different shopping center,
five miles away and no longer in Middletown but located in the
Plainview Village Shopping Center!
Was this where God was taking us to be our new home?
As we prayed for God to show us what His plan was, we also looked
for a new home.  Annie's wanted to stay in Middletown, 
but we were praying for God's will.   Throughout our prayers,
God was not opening any other doors, besides Plainview!
As we searched, God made it known some things were not meant to be,
and for doors to actually get slammed in our face (not literally).
In the Bible, Jonah was given a command to go to Nineveh.
However, Jonah had other plans and fled from The Lord.  
To get Jonah's attention, God allowed a whale to swallow him.
Annie's was not swallowed by a whale, but when we poured into prayer,
God was making it clear:  
the Plainview Village Shopping Center was our new home!
We give all the glory to God through that situation as we've continued
to be blessed!  Moving to Plainview was not our plan,
but it was God's plan all along!  We were incredibly excited about
our new adventure at the Plainview Center and we were able to
expand our location space to accommodate not only the furniture
and accessories type items we had in Middletown, but we were able
to launch our eBay store in a totally different direction, as well as launch
our very own online commerce. We were able to open Annie's Attic Too,
which allowed us to carry clothing, jewelry, shoes and
accessories for women, and so much more!  
However, His plans are not our own, and God was not finished with Annie's yet.
And once again, blessings continue to flow upon us.
As we worked tirelessly at Plainview, we received a phone call
telling us that a location we once were interested in could
possibly be home for us. 
How could this be?
Annie's hadn't been at Plainview very long,
and we were trying to create a home in Plainview,
but missed Middletown desperately. 
As a family, we prayed that The Lord show us what to do,
and where to go with Annie's. We asked that God guide our footsteps,
and His plan be known. God made it very clear that
Annie's was supposed to make a home back in Middletown.
Beyond our wildest dreams, we signed a lease in Middletown
to acquire a space in the Village Square Shopping Center. 
We currently are getting settled into our new home in Middletown.
God allowed Annie's to create a home originally in Middletown,
completely change every plan we may once have had, to bring
us back home to Him and to Middletown. 

His plans are not ours. 

While our journey has been confusing, tiring, emotional, stressful,
and grueling, we as a family at Annie's Attic are so beyond thankful for
what God has done with us and with this business.
In this journey, we have met so many amazing people,
created lasting relationships, and we have needed to lean solely
on our faith in times we did not understand even slightly.
We kept reminding ourselves that God would completely show us
what to do,and that even when things were immensely difficult,
He would not leave us.



We want to be a part of your life as well as your family, from the very beginning and throughout each stage, and hope your experience and the treasures you find in our store is as great as the the blessings we've had along our journey.  
We would love to be there for your first home and baby nurseries, your college dorm rooms, when you're downsizing to a smaller home,
and every other life event in between. 
Thank you for your support and may God bless you and your family.