How to Consign

Interested in consigning?  We'd love to sell your items either online or in-store.  See below for details:


We accept clothing, shoes, purses, watches, jewelry, outerwear, accessories, beauty items and perfumes, and much more.  

SUBMIT PHOTOS TO REVIEW:  We must review/approve items to be sold before we enter into a contract to consign online for you.  We will review photos, determine current market value and advise how to proceed with next steps!

Send photos to: of the items you want to sell OR call us at: (502) 244-0303 for more information.  

ANNIE'S ATTIC ONLINE SALES CONSIGNMENT CONTRACT INFORMATION:  When listing your items online, the following conditions apply:

  • Fees: 50% of selling price to Annie’s Attic and 50% to consignor.
  • eBay and/or Shopify payment fees are paid by Annie's Attic.
  • Shipping costs are paid by purchaser.
  • Annie’s Attic will research the market value of your item on the Internet. The best option for you will be selected whether to place your item on eBay or on the sales floor of Annie’s Attic.
  • At the close of your auction (and after payment is received from buyer), Annie’s Attic will package and ship item(s) to the buyer.
  • Checks are available for pick up on the 15th of the month following the month in which the item was sold (bring drivers license or passport for proper identification).  (Example: item is sold on July 20 and check will be available on August 15)


We accept a variety of home decor, furniture, clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

FURNITURE:  If you have furniture, please send us a digital photo or stop by Annie's Attic with a color picture so we can see what you have to sell.  All furniture must be approved in advance, in order to schedule it into the store to meet space needs and to determine if the items are popular or in demand. 

You may submit furniture photos through our email address at:

ARTWORK:  Artwork must be up-to-date in today's various styles (e.g., frames, modern colors, matte designs and subject).  Please call or send Annie's Attic an e-mail to discuss any artwork you are interested in consigning.

ACCESSORIES:  Please feel free to stop by Annie's Attic with your items, either in a box or a storage bin (MAXIMUM of 5 boxes or bins at one time).


  • 90 day contract
  • 50% of selling price to Annie's Attic; 50% of selling price to you
  • After 30 days, there is a 10% reduction in selling price
  • After 60 days, there is an additional 10% reduction in price
  • After 90 days, there is an additional 10% reduction in price
  • After 120 days, items will be marked clearance
  • Checks are available on the 15th of the month (after the month in which the item(s) were sold; e.g., if item is sold on July 20, then the check is available on August 15)  


HOURS OF RECEIVING:  Please bring small, household items in a box or bin to the receiving area of Annie's Attic during receiving hours (Eastern time):

Monday- Friday: 10 AM - 5 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 4 PM
Sunday: Closed

  • There is a ONE-TIME setup fee of ten dollars ($10) that will be subtracted from your first consignment check (for items sold) at Annie's Attic.
  • Annie's Attic does not have "furniture movers" or and/or other labor to assist with artwork, accessories, etc.  Please bring adequate help to move all items to/from Annie's Attic.  



502-244-0373 or