Lot of 35 the Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon Series

  • Pre-owned
  • 1. The Tower Treasure. 2. The House on the Cliff. 3. The Secret of the Old Mill. 4. The missing chums. 5. Hunting for Hidden Gold Mystery. 6. The Shore Road Mystery. 7. The Secret of the Caves. 9. The Great airport mystery. 10. What happened at midnight. 11 While the clock ticked. 12. Footprints under the window. 14. The hidden harbor mystery. 17. the secret warning. 18. the twisted claw. 20. mystery of the flying express. 21. the clue of the broken blade. 22. the flickering torch mystery. 24. the short wave mystery. 30. the wailing siren mystery. 32. The crisscross shadow. 35. the clue in the embers. 36. the secret of pirates hill. 37. the mystery of the devils paw. 39. The mystery of the chinese junk. 41. The clue of the screeching owl. 45. The mystery of the spiral bridge. 47. Mystery of the whale tattoo. 48. The arctic patrol mystery. 52. The shattered helmet. 53.The clue of the hissing serpent. 54.The mysterious caravan. 55. The witch-masters key. 56. the jungle pyramid. 57. the firebird rocket. 

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